Barracuda Tour finally in Croatia

Amateur fishing challenge brought to Croatia by Nautika centar Nava on 3rd June 2017! 4 crews with 16 participants aboard Barracuda and Antares boats.

As representatives for Beneteau motorboats, Nautika centar Nava decided to bring the Barracuda Tour to Croatia this year. The event was started by the Beneteau Group in 2013 so we joined to this amateur fishing challenge. On 3rd June 2017 we gathered proud Barracuda and Antares owners and tested their fishing skills and luck. After a quick breakfast in Martinis Marchi castle in Maslinica on the island of Solta our 4 teams with 16 fishermen headed out to the location Bacine.
The perfect weather conditions, the efforts we put in the organization, all seemed to be boycotted by the fish. With little or no luck, the organization comitee and the participants decided to try again in the afternoon. Slightly better results in the afternoon made the announcement of the winner possible – it was Jerko Lucin. All passionate participants welcome the idea of joining again next year and hope of better luck with the fish.
The Barracuda Tour is a great way to promote and present the Barracuda brand in its natural “habitats” – fishing. This year’s Barracuda Tour finale took place in Arzon in the Bay of Morbihan 17-20 May 2017 with 40 participating crews. Barracuda Tour Croatia 2017 winner will be invited to join in next year’s finals.
If you would like to sign-up for next year feel free to contact us at [contact email=””] or telephone [contact phone=”+385 21 407704″]

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