AIR STEP TECHNOLOGY – patented by Beneteau

Everyone knows that Beneteau builds amazing boats and yachts but did you know that Beneteau invented and patented Air Step Technology? If you would like to learn more than keep on reading to find out what’s so special about it.
The idea of Air Step Technology was conceived in 2003, and its aim was to create a new generation of hulls which would have greater sensations in regards to speed and acceleration and in the same time improve boat safety and maximize comfort on board.
The designers of the Air Step Technology were inspired by aeronautical industry technology. By introducing small steps under the hull, the water stream is expelled more efficiently and the amount of friction is reduced. In addition, the small steps allowed for the increase in speed and reduce of fuel consumption.
It took a significant amount of time to improve all imperfections and to create the second generation of Air Step. This new generation offers an increase in the volume of air flow beneath the hull. The combination of increased airflow and some changes in shape and arrangements of the steps allowed to create the ultimate product. Due to Beneteau collaboration and work with Volvo, the new generation of Air Step technology is compatible with IPS engines. Additionally, the Air Step technology can be implemented into motorboats ranging from 5.5 meters outboard to 46-foot inboard yachts.
To sum it all up Air Step technology stands for:
Aeronautical industry technology
Reduced amount of friction and reduced fuel consumption
Stability and safety
Technological progress
Exceptional sea keeping
 Air Step Technology AIR STEP TECHNOLOGY - patented by Beneteau

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