The Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly

Are you planning your boating adventures in Croatia aboard your new boat and you still haven’t decided what motorboat would suit you the best?
We have a great idea! Nautika Centar Nava would like to present The Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly – the ultimate choice for the Adriatic waters.

What makes the Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly so unique and distinguished?

Well… There is more than just one reason, to be more precise there are 7 of them:

  • Ship control system– it allows you to manage things like hi-fi system, navigation lights, air conditioning and much more. You might use your tablet / iPAD or the driving console in order to control the system. How convenient!?
  • Compatible tender garage – it opens onto a submersible swim platform with a carrying capacity of up to 350 kg. The garage is a true gem of the Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly, perfect for keeping various sports equipment and the swim platform is the ideal place for a jet ski.
  • Fully equipped kitchen area offers lots of space, natural light, worktops and cabinets of high standards with a smooth and shiny finish. The kitchen area is equipped with a freezer, microwave and a ceramic hob. This is THE spot for experimenting with delicious Croatian cuisine
  • Plenty of storage – the Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly is spacious and offers plenty of storage so that you can fit all the things you are planning to take with you, for example, a fishing rod for your fishing adventure on the Adriatic Sea
  • Second driving station has a spectacular, panoramic view and perfect visibility, for admiring all beauties of Croatia. Crystal clear coves, bays, beaches and 1246 islands hide exquisite experiences
  • Flybridge lounge accommodates up to 6 people and offers the highest level of comfort, perfect for recharging your batteries and soaking in that vitamin D by the sea.
  • Luxurious cabins – the main cabin has an en-suite shower area and a dressing room storage. Moreover, the natural light creates a home-like and cozy atmosphere and extreme comfort.

Now you know why the Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly is the best choice for Croatian waters and coastal cruising. Should you have any more inquiries concerning the Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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